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Reddit users are truly impressive creatures: when they see something that needs to be done, they do it.
User /u/Im-German-Lets-Party is a prime example of this fact, having created an excellent video wallpaper program VideoPaper.

Current issues:

  • On looping it still might blink black / red for a millisecond
  • Video scaling, probably can’t be solved. You need videos in the correct resolution(s) of your screen. You can test this by playing a file in windows media player and going fullscreen. Are there black bars? If yes, then VideoPaper will have them too.


  • Improved looping
  • Added multi screen / panel support
  • Fixed user switching
  • Fixed return from hybernation, suspend etc.
  • Fixed shutdown (no longer blocks shutdown)
  • New gui
  • Added notifications (can be disabled)
  • General code cleanup

Download VideoPaper: (Free)

Download Wallpaper Downloaded 1618 times – 318.77 KB

Head to the link above and download the program to get started.

Once your program is downloaded and unzipped, double-click on the VideoPaper.exe file and you will receive a notification on your Taskbar. Right-click the VideoPaper icon and select Settings to get started.

This will open the VideoPaper window. A handy little piece of software, VideoPaper will allow you to place a video as your wallpaper background. It does this by placing a your file as a sort of skin above the conventional wallpaper, but below your icons and task bar.

The technique to using this software is as follows:

  1. Click Create Video Panel: This will create a profile for your video. You can save different profiles for different videos.
  2. Adjust Width & Height: Change the width and height parameters to those of your monitor resolution.
  3. Adjust Top & Left: This adjusts the position of your video. To position your video to the exact center of your screen, make both of these parameters 0.
  4. Click Set Size + Position: This will lock in your positioning and resolution for your video.
  5. Click Set Video: A file window will open. Select the video you want to use as a wallpaper.

Done! Through the use of this handy little program, you can now use videos as wallpaper freely and easily.

VideoPaper Reddit Page: Click here

• Disclaimer: is not affiliated with any software. We just like their neat software.

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